All high schools should teach Cambridge International Essay

The Cambridge International Examinations curriculum consists of an exam at the end f the year for each course. From this exam, the applicants receive their final grade for the subject. This avoids Internal work, which NCAA Is largely comprised of. Internal assessment often leads to Inconsistent marking and unfair biased Judgment of student work. The Cambridge International Examinations curriculum, In being a largely exam-based programmer, prepares students for tertiary study better than NCAA.

I believe the Cambridge International Examinations will provide a more advanced structure and a far superior academically challenging course that NCAA has not successfully implemented. The National Certificate of Educational Achievement deeply encourages a sense of mediocrity among its students. The system is developed and structured in a manner that allows students to “do Just enough”. This essentially creates a pattern of settling for low achievement among the average student. In many cases it becomes acceptable for the average student to meet the bare minimum requirements of an assessment to pass.

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They are aware that In “Achieving” the standard of assessment, they will receive the same number of credits as the next student, who may have received an “Excellence” grade. When comparing two different exam scripts that received an Excellence grade and Hereford the same quality of credits, one of the papers may have been of superior quality to the other. However, both papers would still receive the same grade. NCAA assesses a student’s self-knowledge on a particular topic, which has been suggested as the “beauty of the system”.

However, when comparing two answer scripts, the higher quality paper is not rewarded or awarded any form of special merit. In addition, it is not recognized as demonstrating outstanding knowledge. The Excellence achievement of the higher quality script is considered to be the same level as the mediocre, lower quality exam script. High achieving students will develop a lack of motivation to excel. They will be less Inclined to produce outstanding essays and exam answers If they are not recognized for hard work and merit In the non- rewarding system of NCAA.

The former headmaster of Auckland Grammar School, John Morris, criticized NCAA in his Herald editorial. He stated that it provides a incentives to drop ‘hard’ subjects in favor of those where passes are easier. ” Mr. Morris’s statement clearly outlines the mediocrity of the NCAA system. The credits of NCAA that are available through straightforward, non-academic courses are far impeller to obtain than those in more complex academic courses. Tremor McIntyre, headmaster of Christopher Boys High School also believes that NCAA encourages mediocrity.

He further agrees with the Cambridge International Examinations for his top students. This strongly suggests that the ICE curriculum is an academically rigorous course that acknowledges high achieving students. The Cambridge system provides a percentage mark for examination results and rewards top scholars in the world. Matthew Kendall, a year 13 student at Vandals College in Auckland, was awarded Top in the World for his Cambridge A Level Psychology paper. This proves hat the ICE curriculum promotes achievement and rewards success, merits that NCAA currently fails to offer.

A significant portion of an NCAA course involves internally assessed work. This has often led to inconsistent marking in schools. There is no regulation of marking in NCAA. When an internal assessment is completed within a school, the student scripts are first marked by a teacher. A selection of scripts with grades varying from “Achieved” to “Excellence” are sent away to ANZA for moderation. If an ANZA moderator believes that a student’s grade should be lowered, it is unlikely that it will be upon returning to a school.