AP World Bentley Chapter Essay

Albert Einstein makes a theory that space and time arena absolutes The uncertainty Principle Heisenberg made this principle about subatomic principles but more importantly made truth more evident and violated the fundamental law of cause and effect. B]ejects Is no longer valid. Fraud’s Psychoanalytic Challenged morality and mental behaviors Focused more on psychology than physiology Believed dreams held the key to the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Believed there was a sex drive, and his theory known as psychoanalysis provided the keys to understanding human behavior Experimentation in Art and Architecture

After photography painting became more creative No more painting regular objects Artistic Influences Japanese prints influenced French and other Europeans because they already became abstract before them they became liberal with realism Same influence by other Indigenous groups in Americas and Africa Bauhaus Institution that brought architects, designers, and painters from several countries. In Germany, Walter Groping became first director and made Bauhaus a principle of marriage between engineering and art.

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Ludwig Miss von deer Roe helped design steel frames with glass OFF Depression Early sass’s were good then in 1929 the Great Depression happened, the old capitalist system of trade and finance collapsed, and until a new system in 1945 nothing changed the depression The Great Depression Post-war is great and prosperous but fake Economic Problems US loaned a lot to the allies for reparation payments, and the French and British owed a lot to the US from the Great War Financial system is messed up Natural rubber is taken out by Artificial Rubber Synthetics for cotton oil undermined coal artificial nitrogen ruins nitrate industry

Europeans return to farming after war made surplus of agriculture, so crops became really cheap and farmers became poor The Crash of 1929 A bunch of people had stocks, then a bunch of people heard that there is going to be a worldwide slowdown so they removed their stocks on Black Thursday October 24th, 1929 New York Stock Exchange crashes thousands of people lose their life savings, 11 financiers commit suicide Economic Contraction Spreads Consumer demand sufficed so businesses had to much stuff Export countries suffered a lot Germany and Japan suffered a lot Industrial Economies