Art themes Essay

Another major reason humans create art is for self-expression. Everyone is diverse, and people like to show others the world through their eyes. Sacrifice plays a major role in religion, and there are many examples of art that show off that theme significantly. In the Shimmed Altarpiece, Gerundial uses the crucifixion of Jesus to show the sacrifice made in that event. The Crucifixion panel shows the scene of Chrism’s crucifixion contrasting heavily against a dark background. To the right of the cross standing stark white is a lamb, symbolizing the Lamb of God, symbolizing sacrifice.

The figure biggest in size is Christ, making the viewer sure of the most important subject in the painting. This technique was used during the medieval times to show, by using various figure sizes, what subject was the most important in the artwork. This is a great example of visual art representing sacrifice during the Renaissance era. Sacrifice is one of the most common themes presented in art during the Renaissance era. Another common theme that has gained the interest of artists through the years is Fear. This theme was more common during the cold war in America.

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Many people were afraid of communism spreading to America. To help prevent the outbreak of communism, they used propaganda to scare others into fearing communism. In Is This Tomorrow: America under Communism, the Categorical Guild Educational Society uses propaganda to persuade Americans to fear any communist activity. Using propaganda to get people to do what others wanted was quite common in the mid-asses. Another way that artists use fear as a theme in their artwork is by taking events and showing them from another point of view.

In Race Riot, Andy Warhol uses color to depict an event at Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. The police were releasing attack dogs on the civil rights protestors that were fighting peacefully for their rights. This ice represents fear not only because of all the fear in the event, but because of the fear of what America was becoming. A place that promised freedom was becoming a place where no one would be free. Andy shows off his unique view of the situation through his artwork. One of the most prominent reasons humans create art is to express their self.

Everyone has a different way of seeing things. That concept is what makes our society diverse. Diversity is a theme you can find in most pieces of art. All art is different, Just like every person is different. Van Gogh is a great example of an artist with a diverse way of seeing the world. In the Starry Night, Van Gogh creates a symbolic landscape full of movement, energy, and light. The stillness of the village contrasts with the swirling energy of the sky and the tree in the foreground. The thickly applied colors create a rhythmic effect cause there to be movement within the painting.

There is no wonder why Van Gogh is considered one of the most talented artists throughout history. Another artist who has a unique style is Pablo Picasso. He often experimented with analytical and synthetic cubism. In his paintings, he painted people and things as abstract shapes. In the Girl before the Mirror, you can interpret many different humbly within different parts of the painting. The woman’s face is painted with a side profile and a full frontal image. One-side shows the daytime where she seems more like a woman, all dolled up.

The other side with the rough texture portrays her at night. Picasso was using his artistic talent to show his own view of vanity. These art pieces are examples of the three themes stated earlier in this essay. Sacrifice, Fear, and Diversity all play a major role in creating art. Not only are they commonly used in the past, but are still used today. Everyone makes sacrifices no matter how small and everyone is afraid of something. Artists use their fear and the sacrifices they have made to create unique works of art.