Four step control process Essay

Professor Scrupulously Kaplan university In the scenario of Sandwich Blitz Lei has found a discrepancy in one of the employee’s time cards this is a huge issue especially when finding out the supervisor of the company store has helped the employee claim hours not worked. In real time this does happen in some incidents and places I have worked. I believe its stealing and taking away from the company in their profit and eventually will cost the company a lot from the reading of Bateman and Snell I think the four step control process would well in this case.

The time in reference to the time card the supervisor should be held accountable for this action and punished accordingly It’s related In Bateman and Snell of Human Resource and this Is very much In their department and will need to be addressed by the Regional managers and Lei. The cost In Involved In finding her put In time not worked Is very concerning It will cost the company In the long run and only promotes others to do also if there Is structure in the business and in the book referred to Horizontal Structure which lays out what each member should be doing and who should be handling certain issues.

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The Human Resource will have to go back and research to see how many time this employee has been allowed to have time when not actually worked unfortunately It will not be a good outcome for either of the perpetrators in involved For Lei she will have to involve the accounting department as to see how much loss has been made in the past month or however long the incident has been going on.

In my own experience I have had to audit up to three years back In a company I worked and they lost thousands to MIS handling of money and different Incidents that could have been avoided In how they managed their money and one company had not paid enough In taxes and was penalized heavily and eventually the small company had to declare bankruptcy due to their mismanagement of their money and lack of supervision. I believe as far as the standard there should be implemented with every employee when hired on a booklet as to what is acceptable and what is not.

In the book should be listing of automatic termination if caught clocking in and leaving and claiming hours when not worked. I think too for Lei might be helpful is camera’s in her store it would help her back track if need be to check and out questionable situations. I think most all companies have camera’s unfortunately there are some who don’t hold good values and the temptation is too great for them. I can’t tell how many co-workers I would of never guessed how somehow one way or another have stolen from the company and later caught and fired and some even prosecuted.

I think no one Is that desperate and there are too many programs to help now and even companies that a person may work for has a clause If financially hurting they offer free services in helping the employee work out a plan. I know my company for people who are in need. Every employer for Lei should all be on the same page as to what is expected and that all rules apply fairly to everyone and not to Just a few.

I think there should be a manager and also a district manager to hold accountable for their managers they are in charge of, this would cut a lot of loss in the company and save time. Lei should take action immediately with this issue. I like the I like in Bateman and Snell in Chapter 7, 4. 1 page 165 Standardization and how it explains the formalization and how it Just lays it all out and everything is same across the board for employees. It as it puts it eliminates all uncertainty of what rules apply and what rules does.

Lei and Dolman have other companies and have expanded to other towns and states. The market is very open for them and they have done well in expanding their company but, with that always comes that one that Just doesn’t cooperate and hurts them and in that community. What they take away from the company ultimately effects all employees in that store. It is very important to keep a high standard and reputation in that community because if they ruin it inevitably it will shut their store down because people will stop coming.

The market is very important and a huge key as to where they might look to open more stores. In Bateman and Snell it encourages to scout the area out and analysis the market that is already there and see what is surrounding the potential area you may want to open shop. In chapter 5 it explains the strategic planning and decision making. There are so many things to look at and setting the goals and planning and researching the surrounding arrears before ever Jumping in and presenting to the board or financial companies as they did in one of the scenario’s.

I have a friend who has owned a looting store for several years and unfortunately if she had done her research of the surrounding business she would of found it failing and not a good area to be in but, she crater’s to certain clientele and with that she has to take some risks. I really liked in Bateman and Snell the formal planning steps. I think is very helpful and makes you better informed before going head on. She is barely hanging on to the business and hopefully when the lease is up she will be wiser in her choices of location. I have copied and shared ideas from this book and I am hoping will make a difference for her future needs .