Changing society Essay

Eve seen people commit to doing good work, but Eve never seen someone so committed to changing society as my neighbor. He’s sons graduation from high school was In a couple of days and that time the typhoon In the Philippines had Just occurred. He booked the nearest flight to there with his crew to go help out the people on need. Many people would judge him and say that he really didn’t care about his son, but that is the kind of commitment a person needs to change society and help the world.

All around the world, you see people trying to change society, ring to help one and other, but not everyone single person succeeds or commits to that. Yes, you can see lots of people who have the Idea and have the hope, but stop or give up half way. People who try to change society go to extreme measures to suck to the greater image, which is changing society. They help change the world, and society day by day. They would sacrifice their time to stick to what they believe in. A Person who has commitment, motivation, and is a do-Goode is the kind of person who tries to change society for the greater good.

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Commitment is a very hard task not many people can stick to. People who commit to doing good deeds and have that as goal In their lives, dedicate their time and energy on working on changing society. Ted Toeless (1 993), states in his article “A sure test for would-be heroes is what or whom do they serve? What are they willing to live and die for? “. As you can tell from the quote, the writer is questioning what a hero stands for? Who is he willing to fight for? How is he willing to fight for? What or whom he is willing to sacrifice his life for. Is the Hero committed?

Is he doing focusing on the greater image or is he Just trying to help out. To answer all these question Is more than enough evidence that the person who Is trying to help society Is committed. Weather It’s a hero, a teacher, a business man, a student, anyone who is willing to help must commit. Have you ever tried committing yourself to something? Weather it’s diet, a sleeping pattern, a study schedule , anything really, you’ll see that the process of commitment to something isn’t very easy. Therefore image committing to changing society. Imagine how hard that Is, and how long its going to take.

You wont be seeing results instantly but when you do, you really will fill proud of how you kept strong and committed. In order to effect society or change it, you need motivation, someone to support you. One person can only do so much, everyone in this world needs support. Working on doing good deeds and changing society isn’t an easy process. A lot of time people start out with good intentions and are willing to do anything to help and stay committed, but their problem Is… They never commit to it. In order to work on something that you know will not be an over night process, you need to have a will of steel.

No matter how bad things seem or how slow the process is going you have to be very patient and to have strong willpower. Jinn Moore (2009) tells us in her article “If you come from a background [where] everyone says You can’t, you can’t, you can’t -?you won’t”. The society you come from whether it’s a good or bad one, it will effect on you whether you like it or not. As the quote I Just mentioned explained to us that In order to be successful In life, whether you’re a store-owner, a cook, a banker, a no matter what you do, Just to have someone motivated you and tell you your doing a good Job is more than enough.

That’s all a person needs to be successful, someone to support them and motivate them and keep them on the right track. If you come from a family that tells you that you will never make it to the championship, theirs a good 90% you wont, but when you have a family that supports you and come to every game and cheers you on… We’ll that’s when you know your going make it. Motivation is key, without it you have no chance of expanding or committing to anything. Support a person to be supported, that’s a rule many people should go by.

A Do-Goode is person who does good thing and good deeds without expecting anything in return. Do-Goddess always look at the bigger image. They don’t want to o what they do to get popular or win a prize. They do good deeds to help change society, change the world, or even to Just see people smile and have hope for humanity. Muhammad Yuan’s (2000), writes in his article, “If I can make so many people so happy with such a small amount of money, why should I not do more? “. As you can tell from the quote, Muhammad wanted nothing in return, all he wanted was to help evolve his community and help it grow.

People like Muhammad, in other words, Do-Goddess are ready to help anyone anyway they can. There are hundreds of ways to help people around the world. It could be helping someone with their homework, or helping an the elderly cross the street, or even Just giving someone a hug. In conclusion, doing good deeds isn’t as simple as people think it is. The challenges a person faces when committing to become a Do-Goode are so many, that many people Just flee away, but that’s why you need to have a strong.