A hydrogen bond flash card

Water molecules have a polarity, which allows them to be electrically attracted to other water molecules and other polar molecules by weak chemical bonds know as …?
hydrogen bonds
Each water molecule is joined to … other water molecules by … bonds?
four … hydrogen
The unequal sharing of electrons within a water molecule makes the water molecule …?
The tendency of an atom to pull electrons toward itself is referred to as its …?
In this molecule, what type of bond is found between the oxygen and hydrogens?https://session.masteringbiology.com/problemAsset/1100489/4/0304q.jpg
polar covalent
Which of these bonds is weakest?
Why isn’t this insect drowning?
surface tension
In a single molecule of water, two hydrogen atoms are bonded to a single oxygen atom by …?
polar covalent bonds
The partial negative charge at one end of a water molecule is attracted to the partial positive charge of another water molecule. What is this attraction called?
a hydrogen bond
The partial negative charge in a molecule of water occurs because …?
the electrons shared between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms spend more time around the oxygen atom nucleus than around the hydrogen atom nucleus
Water molecules can form hydrogen bonds with …?
compounds that have polar covalent bonds
Many of water’s emergent properties, such as its cohesion, its high specific heat, and its high heat of vaporization, result from the fact that water molecules …?
are attracted to each other by partial negative and positive charges on the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, respectively
The amount of energy that must be absorbed or lost to raise or lower the temperature of 1 g of liquid water by 1*C …?
is 1 calorie
Because organisms are made primarily of water, they resist rapid temperature changes. This useful quality is based on water’s …?
high specific heat
Which of the following is a property of liquid water? Liquid water …?
has a heat of vaporization that is higher than that for most other substances
Which of the following can be attributes to water’s high specific heat?
a lake jets up more slowly than the air around it
The cities of Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, are at about the same latitude, but Minneapolis has much hotter summers and much colder winters that Portland. Why?
the ocean near Portland moderates the temperature
Which of the following effects can occur because of the high surface tension of water?
a raft spider can walk across the surface of a small pond
A dietary calorie equals 1 kilocalorie. Which of the following statements correctly defines 1 kilocalorie? One kilocalorie equals …?
1000 calories, or the amount of heat required tho raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1*C
Which type os bond must be broken for water to vaporize?
hydrogen bonds
Why does ice float in liquid water?
stable hydrogen bonds keep water molecules of ice farther apart than water molecules of liquid water
Based on your knowledge of the polarity of water molecules, the solute molecule depicted here is most likely …?
positively charged
Which property of water allows dogs to cool themselves by panting?
water’s high heat of vaporization
Which property of water allows a paper towel to pick up a puddle of water?
adhesion of water molecules to other kinds of molecules
Which property of water allows a water strider to walk on water?
water’s high surface tension