Dear Americas Next Top Model Essay

I believe you promote a negative self-image to women. Personally watching your show upsets me in many ways. As a young adult I still look up to actors, actresses and models. But you also have to remember you have a younger crowd of girls that also watch your show. Little girls from the age of 8 or younger watch Americas Next Top Model. My younger sister would watch your show till my mom would send her to sleep. She used to walk around In heels and wear my mothers revealing clothing all wrought the house because she wanted to be “a model Like the one on TWO.

I don’t believe at an age like that, girls should be watching your show and be exposed to those kinds of things. Kids are kids, so my mom laughed and TLD think anything of It. Until It happened time after time and my sister started to say she wanted to be skinny and sexy like the models. Do you think that’s a proper thing for a kid to say? I don’t believe any parent would want to hear their child say that or want them to act like that. America’s Next Top Model is not only a bad example to women but also a bad example to young girls.

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Your show makes society believe what you are portraying is what “perfect” is, it affects self-esteem and it humiliates and degrades young women and it is also insulting. Your Television Show is more of a competition to see who is the thinner, more beautiful and “perfect” model instead of looking at personality and determination to make it in the industry. Being any size, any height, any color and any kind of ethnicity is beautiful but your show tells girls like me otherwise. You persuade young girls that being skinny is the best kind of look.

By giving women that mindset you are causing them to starve. Models on your show have come out and said they have eating disorders and have done harmful things to themselves and you do nothing to show the effects of that to anyone watching the show. Harming yourself doesn’t solve anything; it creates deeper thoughts in your brain that will eventually fill you up inside to think you are not good enough. Everyone is good enough to be whatever they want to be in life, including models that o not have to be a size O or smaller to suit “America’s Next Top Models” standards.

To me it is insulting. I am not the typically skinny girls that are on the show. So because I am not of standards, I wont make it far on the show or I might be categorized as a “plus sized model”. It Is degrading and insulting. Its insulting for women like myself to watch that show, for the “Judges” to say you’re too fat, you have a big nose, your ears are too big, you’re too short, your hair isn’t long enough etc. I’m very self-conscious so If someone were to point out my flaws I would en devastated.

This show portrays a bad image and affects the way I and other girls view themselves. Your TV show makes women believe what you are showing Is what “perfect” Is. It sets a standard and expectation for me and others that Is unrealistic and Immoral. Being thin Is not a need to me; It Is a want. Some women out there are born and live to be thin figured. There are other women that go through harmful and unhealthy ways to be the same as them. At one point In my life I decided I wanted to try diet pills because I was unhappy with the way I looked.

The pills were the size of a and not chocking, I decided it wasn’t okay I was doing this and I moved on and told myself I was fine the way I am and don’t need to go through harmful and unhealthy things in life to be thin. America’s Next Top Model humiliates and degrades women; it is hurtful to young adults like myself. By telling a girl who is not a smaller size she is not good enough to be apart of the competition is insulting for a completely different sized girl like me. L, like many other girls strive to be the best that they can be.

By putting people down, you crush their self-esteem. The women on ANTA are told to look “fierce” while lying in a pile of mud. That is ridiculous and humiliating. Americas Next Top Model shows that you must humiliate yourself and sell your body in order to be “beautiful” or a “model”. It affects women negatively. This negativity causes me to categorize myself as imperfect and makes me feel terrible. Every girl should always feel nothing less than beautiful. On the show the models sometimes wear little to no clothes whatsoever and take photos in order to move up in the intimation.

There should be more modeling of clothing and interviews for modeling that shows that modeling is not only selling yourself, but by being an individual. I unfortunately care what others think about me and how people view me, so when you say this is what “beautiful” and “perfect” is, it affects me emotionally, mentally, and physically. ANTA upsets me and I do believe if affects and impacts society in a negative way. Everyone is beautiful the way they are and can be whatever they want to be in life.