Diary entries Essay

Ashley Riviera The new Black Code laws made by President Johnson. “Free blacks are only allowed to work as farmers or servants. ” Says one of the landowners in the South. Black Codes By Ashley Riviera Slavery is a main problem socially, economically, and politically and has changed the lives of so many people. It caused so many problems so why not Just end it completely ? Some things are easier said than done and slavery happened to be one of them.

It became a way of life for the South they depend on slaves for their economy, and the North doesn’t feel slavery is right but at the same time they don’t want Job competition so all they can do is sympathize. While I Abraham Lincoln is president he abolishes slavery and proposes limited suffrage for African Americans in the South and this causes some people to be shocked. He was assassinated days later by John Wilkes Booth. Then Andrew Johnson becomes president. During the times of The Reconstruction Era, Freed slaves will face many obstacles and injustices.

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President Andrew Johnny’s reconstruction policies call for a series of extractive laws known as “Black Codes” – made to restrict free blacks. The restrictions include things such as activities and it guarantees their availability as a labor force worker since slavery was now abolished; because of former president Abraham Lincoln. Many states are making it mandatory for blacks to sign a yearly labor contract and if failed to do so they would be arrested and fined or put into practically forced into unpaid labor.

When I asked one of the workers what is was like to be free he replied with ” it’s a good feeling knowing I’m legally free but at the same time I’m living the name way I did before, hard labor. ” We then asked him about his concerns of the Black Codes, and he doesn’t have much to say about them. Black codes have been enforced by white police and state militia forces all across the South and anyone who broke the contracts were to be arrested, they were beaten and forced back into labor. Anyone who offered higher wages to blacks would be punished.

The Black Codes gave certain freedoms such as- buying and owning property, they were allowed to get married and make contracts and testify in courts but only against their own race. Mississippi law requires all blacks to have written evidence of employment and if they decide to leave before the contract is up they would be forced to give up early wages and were at risk of being/ slash arrested. South Carolina’s law prohibits blacks from holding any occupation other than being a farmer or a servant unless they pay an annual tax of $10- $100.

We asked a man what he thought about the tax that is required to be paid and he tells us this ” As if us freed slaves have money for that, it’s like having a dream and having to pay for it, it’s like saying all were good for is hard abort work and cleaning houses. ” We went up North too see what they had to say about all that’s going on and it’s clear the North is outraged and furious. We talked to a woman and she tells us ” The codes violate the fundamental principles of free labor ideology. Congress takes over the Reconstruction Act are put into the hands of the Republican party in Congress. The Act of 1867 required Southern states to ratify the 14th amendment- “equal protection of former slaves”. May 2nd,1865 My name is Margaret Thomas, and I’m a free slave. I am 31 years old and I have one hill. I’ve been a slave for as long as I can remember. I don’t really know much of anything besides how to cook and clean and what my name is. I don’t know who my parents are or when I was born and I hardly knew how to read and write.

I belonged to a white family, the lady was nice to me and so were her kids, sometimes when her husband wasn’t home she used to help me read and write, but I couldn’t tell anyone of he would beat me and her, he wasn’t a real nice man, he was the only person in that house I was truly scared of. He had a look of such hatred towards me Just cause he color of my skin. All white people thought they were better than us black people. Then slavery ended and I was free.

May 2nd, 1865 In the last diary I wrote I forgot to mention I have no idea where my husband is either. He is probably one of the slaves who got away and escaped, he never asked me to come with him and if he did I would have to leave our son behind. Luckily for my husband he could start over and leave the slave life behind. I couldn’t find it in me to abandon my son, it was to hard and difficult, he had become a big part of me ND leaving him behind would have felt wrong I wonder why my husband hadn’t thought that way.

I had been thinking of how it would feel to be free but I couldn’t go with him. As I lay there crying with my son in my arms and told him it was Just me and him from now on. I never spoke of what happened to my husband cause I didn’t even know, all I know is I now had to picture a life without him. May 3rd, 1865 Today me and my son went to church I prayed my husband was well wherever he was if he still was alive, But me and my son we love going to church it’s the only place e can express ourselves and sing our songs.