Emotional Distance can lead to a loss of innocence Essay

Once, your parents could do no wrong, and knew all the answers. Then you worked out they were human. You might think of them now as fossils, dictators, guardian angels, nerds,weirdos, well-meaning social worker types, eager beavers, candidates for the perfect parent award, or God’s police. Like it or not, they’re a big part of our lives.Adolescence is the stage of development that bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood . It is a period where teenagers search for their own identity, to find out where they fit in the world, who they are etc.

This means that they are often evaluating and imitating adults while also being aware of what society expects and comparing this to their own perceived inadequacies. As a result, teenagers often only feel accepted when they are with other teenagers and, therefore, it is very important for them to fit into their crowd. For example, they often don’t mind looking ‘weird’ to their parents as long as they look OK to others. In the search for an independent identity, teenage behaviour may include rejecting or rebelling against family values. Feelings of self-consciousness and insecruities and may be acted in a form of anger.

War, is hell as we all know, Five Quaters of the orange is a perfect example of a mother and daughter relationship with a communication break down. The novel exposes the ugliness of war from the viewpoint of three neglected children living in german-occupied french village during World War 2. The children’s innocence are forced from them as a expectation from there mother.Framboise’s mother mistakenly applies the same techniques to child rearing that she applies to growing fruit trees. Prune them severly and they shall flower. Although Framboise is her mother favourite of the children because of the similarties they posoess, although Framboises is not the only one who is rebelling or rejecting the other, it a particular situation in the novel when Framboise gets her period, rather than talking to her about Mirabelle tells her daughter that she has been cursed.

No matter how well your relationship has been with your teenager in the past, you will often be challenged about your ideals as they attempt to define their own values and beliefs and their relationship in the world around them. Although, at times, you may become frustrated and angry, it may help to remember that your teenager’s behaviour is part of the process of becoming independent and working out how to manage their life as an adult.

“There are many stories about Michael Sullivan, some say he was a desecent man, some say there no good in him at all. I once spent six week with him in the winter of 1931″. This is a quote from the Movie Road To Perdition another example of a father and son relationship, where a child’s innonce is corrupted from him, Michael Junior rather than rejecting his father, gloats on him, although until they were on the run to safety never really knew who each other was.

Michael Sullivan Junior is the son of a hit man for the Irish mob who is duty bound to mafia boss John Roony. Michael Junior represents the innocent in this movie. A kind of childish innocence is seen through the normal activities he takes part in, although he is still required or expected to act in a certain manner because of the circumstance which surround him.We are still reminded that his is young, when has a night mare, then one starts to see although he is trying to imitate his father actions or trying to please his father by looking like a strong character, he is not really coping, the way he is trying to project to his father.

Michaels innocence arupts when he is a witness to a murder that his after and Connor, son of the Irish mob leader have comitted. This catalyst is what sets off a chain of events through which michael is able to gain knowledge of his fathers world. ” You can’t protect him forever. If it wasn’t this it’d be something else. Natural law. Sons are put on earth to trouble their fathers” explains Mr. Rooney who plays a father figure to Michael Senior. Through mob culture, murder is what changes everything in Michaels life, his innocence is then further contaminated and childish wrold destroyed as he arrives home on day to hear a gun shot and to find his mother and brother bodies lying dead on the floor. It is not until now, that Michael Sullivan realises that he must escape from his home town and takes his son on the journey . On this journey he discovers that the two dont really know each other at all.

When the pairs Journey comes. The sound of a gun is heard and Maguire a hired hit man has killed Michael Sullivan. The movies comes to an end as you see Maguire fall to the ground with Michael Junior standing behind him. ” I saw then that my father only fear was that i would follow the same road…And that was the last time i heold a gun”.

Innocence is being abused everyday as it confronts the adult world. As people in the 21st century we define innocence as a childish wisdom which is confronted as one is moved away from security and protection which sheilds the yound. Corruption of innoncence may come from a circumstances which have been shaped around a child like the death of a parent or a parent addiction to morphine pills. Loss of innocence also occurs from a childs inquiring mind or a conscious admission of independence and can simply come fromt he experience of living under the pressures of todays world, or a simple break down in communication with an adult or adult figure.