Government and policies Essay

Outline the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the I-J. UP) describe the roles of the government departments in relation to the public services including their responsibilities. UP) explain the electoral processes used in the UK elections. MI) explain in detail the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the I-J. MM) compare the electoral processes used at different levels of government in the I-J. Del) evaluate the responsibilities of the different government levels in the UK.

European parliament – This parliament has 736 members which represent all 27/28 states within the EX., but only 72 are elected from the I-J and the European parliament deal with many things like the environment as well as our transport like taxi’s, buses, coaches and cars etc. , even our equal rights as a human being. Central government – this government is a movement that operates all over the country, the central government is always in the capital of the country, and has many susceptibilities that come under the central government which is making new laws and defending our country.

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For us the central government Is In London In the I-J, because the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the monarch are what make up the whole central government. Devolved parliament – the devolved parliament is “here some sort of power Is transferred from one type of government organization to another. Meaning that when someone new Is elected the one that was elected before all their power Is than transferred to the new one of who has Just been elected, meaning that not only Is their role no longer theirs they lose all responsibility with t.

Regional government – the regional movements Is where there are 8 different regional assemblies within England and they are: 1 . ) East of England regional assembly. 2. ) North east assembly. 3. ) South east England regional assembly. 4. ) West midlands regional assembly. 5. ) East midlands regional assembly. 5. ) South west regional assembly. 7. ) North West regional assembly. 3. ) Yorkshire and Hummer assembly.