Honey – What genre of the film is the poster advertising? Essay

Using my own knowledge of the advertisement of the film poster “Honey”, the genre is conveyed to be a romantic urban comedy drama which is set in New York. The poster portrays a variety of conventions which include friendship as shown by the main star Jessica Alba (Honey) and her friend Joy Bryant standing side by side. Other conventions also includes romance and dancing, these conventions help indicate as to what the genre of the film is and perhaps gives some kind of clues to what it’s about. Using the images we get from the poster the movie looks predictable, even if you are simply an adolescent who is only there to watch the main character in sexy dance wear.

Who are the actors? What films have they been in before? Why were these actors chosen?

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On this particular poster there are five main actors whose names are mentioned Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer, Lil Romeo, Joy Bryant and Missy Elliot. However the main character Jessica Alba is the focal point, this is due to her success in a drama series called “Dark Angel”, there is no doubt that the main star was chosen because she brings a unique vibrancy as she is dashing and desirable thanks to her curvy frame accompanied by a bright pearly white smile that can instantly change the whole perspective of the poster and the way we look at the poster.

The other actors like Mekhi Phifer is known for his role in E.R, also another actor is Lil Romeo who has his own T.V series on a kids channel nickelodeon, whereas Missy Elliot is a major icon within the music industry, purely because of her ability to produce good music. These actors were all specifically chosen, because they are successful young black actors who are looked at as sex icons for example Jessica Alba. The actor’s successes somehow reflect the main character’s journey to succeed and how it is to get there.

Analyse connotations of the mise en scene. Use your film language pack to help you.

The connotations of the mise en scene of this poster are for example the urban setting which is in fact set in New York, the clothing worn by all characters are modern and fashionable and thus therefore would appeal to the young youth of today. The lighting on the poster was done in a prestigious way, they purposely used gold’s, browns and black which all represent “honey” but metaphorically. These certain colours help connote that where it is lighter on some parts than others, is where the good points of the film are.

However as it slightly started to get darker it connoted the bad moments she had to get through in order for her to reach her ultimate goal to succeed. On the other hand light could also represent happiness, in some way.

How much space is taken up by the text? Images?

A large amount of space on the poster is taken up by the rammed images, this was done solely because it is easier for us to understand and remember images rather than it is to remember text, whereas minimal space taken up by the text. I think this is effective in attracting attention of potential viewers, because of the images used they are in a sense eye catching.

Make a list of the information given on the poster.

The film poster outlines the main objectives of the film which are the determination of a young woman to succeed, a touching and heartfelt love story and of friendship between a young woman and her best friend and of her relationship with the group of youths she is dancing with on the poster.

Who do you think is the film aimed at (target audience)? How do you know?

This movie appeals to young teenagers between the age of 12 and above, because the actors used are young, sexy and beautiful. I think that young girls would only go to see this film, because they look to Jessica Alba as some sort of role model.

What “unique” selling point is the poster suggesting? Why would people want to see this film?

This posters unique selling point is the mixture or blend of actors used in order to attract more viewers, many young viewers are intrigued by these famous icons and makes them want to see the film even more.

In the poster Jessica Alba is shown dancing with a group of dancers, which seems like a modern day MTV video, this one aspect of the film illustrates the creation of TV illusion and the unscrupulous ways of some music industry films are actually more appealing and interesting than others. It allows us the viewers of the pop culture to endure the artistic success of some actors.

I think that this poster is angling for the attention of the eagerly sought after young teen girl audience, as well as attracting male audiences because of the actresses striking pose.