Judgment in short stories Essay

Chelsea Carrion Experiences in Literature Essay One Judgment Life lessons and experiences have exposed us all to countless situations where judgment is necessary. Although its negative connotations such as unjust and discriminative make the term seem wicked, human nature compels us to use our better Judgment to make decisions. Unfortunately, Judgment is based off many elements that a person values and encounters possibly leading them to make less than favorable choices.

After reading all of the short stories I analyzed each and came across one that I found the most interesting. This short story was a biblical arable titled “The Judgment of King Solomon. ” The story begins with two harlots brought before King Solomon to resolve their quarrel. It was noted that the women lived in the same house and both of which gave birth on the same night. The first woman claimed that while she was asleep the other woman snuck in and exchanged her live son with a dead new born.

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Contrary, the second woman argued that her child was the baby and the first woman give birth to the stillborn. Attempting to restore peace in his palace, King Solomon declared that he would cut the live child in half that way both women could have part of the baby. The first woman instantly rejected the idea and requested that King Solomon spare the child and give the baby to the second woman. The second woman conquered with King Solomon and agreed that each woman deserved half of the child. That being stated, the king declared that the first woman be given the live child.

Although the second woman wanted to refute the kings decision, she was obligated to cooperate because “they saw the wisdom of God in his Judgment. ” This story focuses on moral values that lie deeper than a biblical parable. Values ranging from the things you will do for love to sacrifice and the importance of God. To begin, in many religions the importance of a holy figure is the basis of their morals and ethical values. Those who are more religious tend to live their lives by a more biblical standard as appose to those who lack faith.

In “The Judgment of King Solomon,” the author states “And they all listened to King Salmon’s judgment and feared him, for they saw that the wisdom of God in his judgment. ” (Page 1) Through the story we learn that both women wanted the live baby however only one could be the actual mother. Though the second woman was not the rightful mother she felt entitled to a portion of the baby which she was ultimately denied by the king. Even if the second woman wanted to argue against King Salmon’s decision she could not because he had the wisdom of God in his judgment.

Although she was a harlot, and she was dishonest in front of her superior, the second woman still accepted the decree because she held such a high significance for God. This being stated the story then ties in another moral value, the significance of God in everyday decisions. Most people make decisions that stem from their religious beliefs because that is how they were raised. Through religion people identify their morals, their “right-and-wrongs,” and mental hierarchies. This then raises the question of what people would sacrifice to get what they want.

The definition of the term sacrifice has been blurred beyond existence. A sacrifice is supposed to be made in order to obtain something that is vital to your life; however many people sacrifice everything they have for their wants not their needs. The second woman in “The Judgment of King Solomon” was willing to sacrifice the life of a child for her own personal desires. This woman longed for a son so badly that she would have an innocent newborn clayed to accomplish her goal. Post reading the worth story one can infer that the second woman is more of a villain and by literary standpoints could be called the antagonist.

The antagonist sacrifices the life of a child for her happiness, though many cases are not so extreme most people are willing to sacrifice priceless items and values for their happiness. For example, people who marry for money. Their sole purpose is to rake in as much money as possible not fearing the consequences of hurting the other person’s feelings. By doing this, they are sacrificing their self-worth and misleading the other person to live that they actually love them. Love is a powerful factor in life and at one point or another humans become submissive to its resilience.

The fact that someone would tamper with that feeling for the purpose of their happiness is immoral. This then leads me to my final point, the things that people would do for love. We have all heard the quote “if you love something set it free. ” This phrase reflects that loving something does not mean that it loves you too, or that it is in your best interest to love it. Setting something free essentially means to let it stray independent from your ill for the greater good of both parties. However, through human nature we are predisposed to clutching onto the things we love and never letting them go.

In “The Judgment of King Solomon,” the first woman who was the actual mother of the child chose to give the baby to the first woman in hopes of sparing his life. Though the first woman knew the baby was hers, she rather let the child live with another mother than be clayed for her selfish desires. Much like the second woman, the first woman makes a sacrifice involving the child though her intention is more selfless. In most all legislations, there comes a time when both parties need to define their status and decide what direction they see themselves going in.

More often than not this creates a strain in the relationship and a possible separation period. In that period both people chose to let someone they love go in hopes of their loved one returning to them. If their love one does return then they are meant to be together, and if not then they know it was not meant to be. People will sacrifice their loved ones for a greater goal than their personal intentions which is what the first woman did. In inclusion, “The Judgment of King Solomon” provided more meaning than expected.

Post reading this excerpt and analyzing the themes, I found a greater understanding for the story line. This story focuses on moral values that lie deeper than a biblical importance of god. A short story orbits one main idea or lesson for the reader to understand. What I found interesting was that this parable had three major points that stemmed from its main idea. The purpose of this story was not only to provide entertainment value but to also generate ideas in reader’s minds on what they feel is right and wrong and where they stand on moral value.