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Other than being very proud of their history and heritage, it is considered rude and improper to make a person lose face especially in front of others. Another important thing to remember is to always give respect to the elderly as this show than an individual is well taught, well-mannered and possessed a pleasant attitude all together. Thai people take pride knowing that they are the only country that has never been ruled by any Western powers. Basic Gestures Visitors need to be aware that This believe only fools and people of poor upbringing lose their temper in public.

Being loud and angry are simply unacceptable as loss of “face” is a disgrace to a Thai. So it is important to avoid arguments and try to look for compromise in difficult situations. To Thai people, the head is considered the most sacred part of the body, therefore, avoid touching a Thai person’s head. While the foot is considered as the lowest and filthiest part of the body, we must never show the sole of our feet to anyone or use it to point at something. Public display of affections like hugging, kissing, rubbing in public is not encouraged and common in Thai society.

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This also have a common greeting, instead of shaking hands, This “way” to greet people. The “way” is a short bow with hand (palm) held together close to your chest or face. It is also wise to wait for a host to introduce you to the other guest before greeting. Be careful never to “way” a person of lower status or younger than you as this will only show disrespect to the person we are “way” ins. How the “Way” is greeted Thai Community, Beliefs and Values Thai people are basically a close-knit group of people. This generally live together in peace despite their many religious differences. To live in harmony and peace is important.

Thailand is dominated mostly by ethnic This, Burmese, Chinese and Laos followed by Khmer and indigenous tribes from spread-out areas. Majority of This are Buddhists and others being Islam, Christians, Hindus and Brahmins. Temples, monasteries and monks are highly regarded and respected so, one must be extra careful not to offend their religious beliefs. For instance, dress appropriately when visiting temples where they pray and pay respect to their ancestral and Gods. Some of the basic things to remember are to avoid dressing short skirts, too short shorts and from wearing shoes while entering a temple.

Cleanliness and respect are important in the temple Donations of food and drinks is a kind holy gesture to the monks Monks are given donations in the form of food offering when they are passing by homes on the street. It is disrespectful to offer left-overseer or meat, as monks are vegetarians. Though the monks will still accept whatever that is given to them; as a blessing for them. Another important thing to be aware of is that This respect their King and his family. They have deep respect and affection for the King as h reminds them of the many accomplishments and sacrifice he achieved for the entry.

The King is also regarded as the protector of all religions. Respect for the King isn’t Just polite, it is the law. The King and Queen of Thailand is a highly respected figure As to add in, This regularly give respect by giving gifts and donations to the tem and attending festivals. This time of prayers also indirectly give tribute to the Kin well-being and the nation’s harmony. Attributes Thai people are generally easy going, honest, courteous and hospitable. This be in living for the present moment and do not worry about the pasts and what the future holds for them.

Their warm hearted and welcoming gestures towards foreigners have simply made Thailand a favorite destination for tourist and invest all together. They appreciate honest attempts by foreign visitors to pay respect towards their culture and values. Being caring, friendly, honest and uncomplicated are highly valued. As they believe living a good caring, honest and useful life is what makes individual complete. Thai people look up on the elderly. Parents are superior to t children, teachers to their students and bosses to their employees. Children are taught since childhood to honor their parents.

A person’s status can be recognize through clothing and general appearance, age, Job, education, family and social connections. Language The Thai or Siamese language is the official language of Thailand. The language 44 consonants, 32 vowels and five tones in pronunciation. The Thai language bell to the ATA family and is the main language used. The Thai language originally combined from many words of other languages especially Sanskrit and Pail from India including old Khmer. This is also why Buddhism and Brahmins were introduced to Thailand. Other languages spoken in Thailand are Chinese, Ala an Cambodia.

The English language is becoming more important for business ideal Thailand; therefore, English is now being taught as a second language in secondary schools and universities. So it would not be a problem anymore for English speaking visitors in Thailand to communicate. Basic Etiquette’s The basic greeting spoken is known as “seesawed Kara” for man and “seesawed aka” for the woman. We should always greet using first name instead of their surnames and ending with the honor title of “shun”. “Shun” is an all-purpose form of address for both men and women.

And again, allow the host to introduce the guest as this show your status and ho should be performing the”way”. It is not necessary to bring a gift if attending a dinner invitation, but it will be appreciated. Any gift would be good like flowers, chocolates or fruits. But avoid giving carnations or marigolds as they are for funerals. Also always remember to be on time when invited for a dinner. At dinner, always leave behind a little food on the plate as this shows that we are full. Finishing everything indicates that we are still hungry and not served properly by the host.

However, do not leave behind rice as it is considered wasteful on the other hand. If we plan to do business in Thailand, it is important to know the basic gestures of the Thai people. Mostly, Thai prefers to do business with people they respect and relationship takes time to develop, not instantly. Dressing appropriately and conservatively is advisable. Appointments should be made early and arriving on time for meetings is important as it shows respect. We should always give our initial handshake before offering our business card.

Written material should be presented earlier before any discussions. It is good that details be presented in written English and Thai. Festivities An important holiday in Thai culture is the Thai New Year of “Sonogram”. It is also known by others as the “water festival”. It is celebrated every year during April during the hot season. It is famously celebrated where Thai people throw or splash water like friendly water fights. Sonogram – Thai New Year is celebrated on the streets, housing areas and temples It is a time to wash and clean away the sins of the year while cleansing the body with water.

The ceremony originally comes from the washing of the Buddha image and where elderly is sprinkled scented water on their hands. At present celebration, this eater fighting season has changed so much because people now use water guns, sprinkler hose and powder as to add in the fun. The celebration usually last for a couple of days to a week. Another famous celebration is Alai Grating, also known as the festival of lights. Many This celebrate this as it is considered an auspicious day in Thai culture. Where “lot” means float and “grating” means a raft.

This celebration falls in the 12 moon of the Thai lunar calendar. Traditionally, rafts are made from banana tree and decorated with folded banana leaves, candles, flowers and incense sticks. This is because floating away the candle raft is a symbol of letting go of our old grudges, anger, bad doings and bad luck away. To give us a chance to have a fresh new start. Celebrating Alai Grating Festival Lanterns are floated into the night sky Candle leave rafts are floated into the river Another celebration is the “Shako Pans” or Buddhist lent.

This is celebrated during the month of July till August. It is a time where monks retreat for 3 months by going back to their monasteries during the rainy season. The monks would do meditation and study at this time. Buddhist Lent in July – August Visalia Busch – Honoring of Buddha The other celebration is “Visalia Busch” day. This is the celebration of the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Buddha and is a respectable time of worship for Buddhists to remember the moment. It is to remember the wisdom, purity and compassion of Buddha.

And lastly, other important celebration is the King’s and Queen’s birthdays plus Coronation Day. Where else, other smaller royal celebrations are also celebrated whole year long around the country. Many would march and carry flags on the street, capital square as to shout Joy and praises to the King and Queen while wishing them healthy and long life. At many times, the King would grant amnesty and forgiveness on his Joyous day. “Chute Thai” outfit “Pa Nuns” for women “Chon Grabber” for men Traditional Wear The traditional Thai clothing is called “Chute Thai” meaning, Thai outfit.

It can be worn by men, women and children. “Chute Thai” outfit for women is usually a blouse called “Pa Nuns” and for men is called “chon Grabber”, or pants. Wedding in General On the other hand, Thai marriage has two parts, legal and ceremonial. Weddings in Thailand for Buddhists are usually set on auspicious dates given by the monk in monastery and get blessing from the temple. Offering of gifts to the monks and to honor Buddha are a normal practice. A dowry is still common to honor and respect the bride’s family. But arranged marriages are not common.

Where else, non-Buddhists wedding is not performed in the temple and done on separate day from registration time. Sport Thai has a few traditional sports passed down from generation to generation. The most famous one is the Thai Boxing also known as “May Thai”. It is an ancient martial art that is fierce and furious. Thai boxing has become a widely recognized port and betting event among Thai people. “May Thai” Fierce and gruesome. Other sports include sword and pole fighting known as “Fun Dab” and “Karri Grabbing”. It was part of military training before.

Excitement came from the clashing of weapons with music being played. Contestants would perform this; it is called the rite of “Way Koru”. “Kiang Rue” or boat racing is another famous sport event during the month of October till November. Boats are made from wood such as Taking and colored clothes are tied to the boat to show honor to the guardian spirit. Kiang Ruer[email protected] racing event Bull fighting event (“Chon Www” festival) Another popular sporting event that is famous in southern Thailand is bull fighting also known as “Chon Www”.

Participants are selected carefully for their strength and skills. Beside this, the other sport celebrated in Thailand are like kite flying or “Len WOW’ and Thai chess known as “Maim Rug Thai”, originated from Indian chess. One of the oldest festival – “Len WOW’ “Fun Dab” – Warriors’ pole fighting Lastly, a sporting event that is equally famous and especially played during the Sonogram festival. It is called “Taker Long Hat” or simply means kicking a rattan ball. It is a style where participants must kick the ball into the hoop.

Food and Delicacies Thai food is becoming more and more popular in the world today. However, to get the best taste of Thai food will have to be in Thailand itself. Thai food comes from a mixture of Southeast Asians traditions. Thai food is known for its’ balance of four tastes, sour, sweet, salty and bitter with strong aromas from the different type of herbs. Thai food is especially famous for its spiciness. The daily Thai food would be a soup, a spicy dish with variety of herbs and condiments, fish and vegetables. Another side dish that is common today is the spicy papaya or mango salad.

Thai food is eaten with a fork and spoon except some people would use a chop stick to eat noodles. The use of knife is not normal practice that is why dishes served with meat like pork, chicken or other meats are specially cut and easy for eating. Friends, family members would dine together on a table Usually, dishes are served on the table and shared among friends or family members. Meals are served first with rice, soup and later with the other dishes. Meals are later served with sweet desserts or fresh fruit like mangoes, Kiwifruit, papaya or water melon that are all This favorite fruits.

It also depends on the season of the fruit growth during that time. All time favorite – Tom Yum Goon Some of This’ favorite desserts One of the famous Thai dishes for tourists or visitors is the Tom Yam Goon (as shown in earlier picture). It is a spicy soup served with prawn, mushrooms made with herbs like lemongrass and lime leaves as main ingredient. The famous Pad Thai Noodle Local delete – green curry chicken Another famous Thai dish that needs no introduction is the Pad Thai noodle that usually has tofu, bean sprouts, onion and most importantly, the blended peanut spread on the noodle.

Other famous dishes are the quay tie noodle, chicken cashew nuts (“gag med Mao among”), green curry chicken (“gene cheek wan gal”) and boiled gallant chicken (“tom aka gal”) prepared using the blend of coconut milk and lemongrass. Gallant Chicken – “Tom Aka Gal” In short, Thailand would be a great country to enjoy the many places of interest that we may never find in other Asian countries. The people, culture and simple being of Thailand would make anyone pleasant and feel at home.