Overcoming Obstacles Essay

After reading the article by Ms. Ann Harrington, “Where there is a will, there’s a way”, it opened my eyes and my way of thinking to a hold different level. I always wondered how people who have experienced some of the same levels of disappointment, setbacks, successes, and failures walk away with very different attitudes, circumstances and results (Werner, 2004). It has always been my belief that in order to overcome any obstacle in life, whether it’s professional or personal that it does mom from within and it is a mind thing (Davies, 2009).

Each individual really does control whether they succeed or fail; this is a very hard pill to swallow, because I haven’t quite grab the ability to do it yet, but I do know this is true. Just like the limits that we set on ourselves is the reason why some of us do fail. We tend to make mistakes and instead of owning up to them we want to blame others. The key here is just like mentioned in the article to be totally honest with ourselves. To be able to kook at our situation and face the fact this was our own fault and do what we have to, to correct the situation.

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In the article the first thing Ms. Harrington talked about was resilience in the workplace (Absence Management: Annual Survey Report, 2011). It was right on point, when I thought back on days when I worked outside the home, there was not much compassion from my employer whether his employees felt good physically, mentally, or spiritually (Davies, 2009). They were not concerned with anything about the employees except whether you came to work on time, you reformed the duties of your Job, you treated their customers fairly, and they were able to keep their stockholders happy.

The bottom line was the bottom line and that was all they were concerned about. I do agree, that it’s very important for a person to have a good mental health not Just about the It’s also important for someone to be able not only to encourage others but themselves as well, and for them to be able to be totally honest about their own personal strengths and weaknesses. To be able to look at a bad or mundane situation and make it better.

Not Just looking at what there can do to make it better, but what can they do, and what we need to do, to turn the situation around. I find that too many higher ups look for the people who work under them to put their thoughts in action when things get rough, but what they don’t understand, when times are rough that when they throw themselves in the work force and roll up their sleeves to help their employees get things back on track. When they get involved like that it tends to change the way the workers feel not only about their but about management too.