The novel “The Magic Mountains” Essay

He has never aired and has never gone to bed with a woman he didn’t pay. He had kept record of all his women and at 50 he had 513 women in his Journal. He contacts was Rosa Casabas, who runs an illicit house. This is the beginning of a new life at an age when most mortals have already died. Rosa fixes for him a girl of fourteen, who goes for sewing buttons the whole day so the man has to go only after ten in the night. He goes and finds the girl blessedly sleeping without a stitch of cloth on her. Early morning he notices that in the middle of the night some time the girl had got up.

He leaves her some money and leaves. There is another night and he has still not touched the girl whom he begins to call Delaying. Even Rosa is surprised how he could do this to the girl next time when he meets the girl, she has cough and fever. He has now started giving her gifts so that she could make herself more presentable. The two begin to know each other, in their own strange way. One night when the man is visiting Delaying, suddenly there is a commotion. An important man is murdered in the adjacent room and all, including Rosa have to flee.

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The illicit house is closed down by the police. The 90-year old man tries hard to find and meet the girl but does to succeed. He is miserable. Gabriel Marquee was a Journalist that will write books related to his life such as “El Diaries De La Pas” which means reconstructing and completing that explains Sunday news. The next book he wrote was “The Magic Mountains” which he learns about his mother moods. Gabriel was an editor and a teacher who didn’t want to get married have no family or children. He has never been in love have never gone to bed without a woman paying.

Marquee’s parents are death and he thinks he is an ugly guy. The night Gabriel went to Rosa illicit house went to the room and saw Delaying. When he sees the young woman from the back completely naked, his life changes radically. Now that he meets her he finds himself close to dying, not of old age, but rather of love. He put her that name because he sang a song to her “Angels surround the bed of Delaying” the kings youngest daughter wooed by her father. The girl was scared and was avoiding Marquee. Gabriel saw her as a helpless and pure girl.

He like her skin color, her curls, her soft body. Also the way Delaying wasn’t respond back she was quite and calm. She is one of those heroic innocents who give love selflessly because she has no choice but o surrender her humanity as sacrifice to her absolute poverty. The next day Gabriel just gave her the money and leave. Rosa told him about what happen the other night Gabriel was sad that nothing happen he says “Let it alone,” I said. “Nothing happened; in fact it showed me I’m in no condition for this kind of chasing around.

In that sense the girl’s right: I can’t anymore”. Gabriel thinks he is helpless didn’t know what to do. Now that he is 90 years old, he is a weak man and thinking about he is going to die alone. Now Gabriel Marquee feels Delaying everywhere he goes when e went to sleep he felt her so close by detecting the sound of her breath and the tender of her cheek in his pillow. Also when he went to the library remembering her awake in her flowered dress and the way she was playing in the rain as a little kid.

Marquee is hallucinating that Delaying is living with him. He was taking control over Delaying by changing her physically and interiorly. He says “l changed the color of her eyes to my state of mind: the color of water when she woke, the color of syrup when laughed… ‘ dressed her according to the age and condition that suited my changes of mood”. The virgin is splendidly young with the silent power of a sleeping beauty. The relationship between the narrator and his virgin is really a relationship that exists inside the narrator’s head.

The narrator finds himself obsessed with this young woman despite the fact that they never share a conversation and never consummate their intimate relationship. Gabriel has sex to replace the consolation of love. Gabriel lives in this world of fantasy where Delaying is living with him doing him some breakfast. Also they talking about paintings that they have in the house and also taking care of the cat that Gabriel found. Gabriel will give up his life for this girl he does so much for her by taking care and decorating her room.

Gabriel Marquee for the first time he felt in love with Delaying. She was getting attach to Marquee she sees he is a good men treating her with kindness, careless, and loving her. Marquee will slowly kiss Deadline’s body with tenure and softness. It was like Delaying was feeling a love that she never had in her life. Delaying was learning how to read and write basically Gabriel was like her professor. The love scenes between the elderly man and the girl consist mostly of his looking at and smelling ere. Occasionally he kisses and caresses her tired-out body as she snoozes.

It’s as if he’s found a life size doll that he can play with to his heart’s content. There’s only an unclear sense of physical interaction between the elderly man and the girl, Just as there’s almost no oral interaction between them. The narrator falls into a depression in the weeks after he stops seeing Delaying. The narrator is a romantic, a man of sensibility and not in the best of shape anyway so his love is more an affair of codes and gestures. It is wild, but wild in an emotional sort of way, though it can still be leniently passionate.

The author is living in a romantic dream, one where reality itself seems fantastic. The virginity he’s after is an imaginary quality, which fits because he doesn’t want his “Delaying” to be real. On her fifteenth birthday he is actually troubled “that she was real enough to have birthdays. ” He prefers the dreaming Delaying, and the Delaying of his dreams. When they’re together he likes her to be asleep and when seeing and touching her in the flesh she seems less real than when he imagines her. Marquee decides to seek Deadline’s warmth for rest of his remaining little life.

Being in love has taught him more about himself than ninety years of experience. Instead of dying of boredom, our old man whose sickness and loneliness are increased by age, chooses to march slowly towards his death escorted with love. The narrator approaches the end of his life, realizes that despite his experiences, he has missed an important part by never experiencing love. The book transforms itself a narrative of isolation and sex without love and to the discovery of passion in the last years of one’s life. Marquee has felt the freedom and self- assurance that come with early success.