Presentation of Apple Essay

The rubrics to be used are available on Blackboard. COURSE GUIDELINES & POLICIES IIS Academic Integrity Policy integrity is at the heart of the university commitment to academic excellence. The IIS community strives to communicate and support clear standards of integrity, so that undergraduate and graduate students can internalize those standards and carry them forward in their personal and professional lives. Living a life with integrity prepares students to assume leadership roles in their communities as well as in their chosen profession.

Alumni can be proud of their education and the larger society will benefit from the University contribution to the development of ethical leaders. Violations of academic integrity demean the violator, degrade the learning process, deflate the meaning of grades, discredit the accomplishments of past and present students, and tarnish the reputation of the university for all its members. ” Academic sanctions range from a warning to expulsion from the university, depending on the severity of your violation and your history of violations.

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Whatever the sanction, I will file a report of academic dishonesty to the Office of the Provost. You are responsible for understanding and complying with the IIS Academic Integrity Policy available at http://www. IIS. Due/gastroenteritis . Academic Accommodations Reasonable accommodations are available for students who have a documented disability. Please notify the instructor during the first week of class of any accommodations needed for the course. Late notification may cause the requested accommodations to be unavailable.

All accommodations must be approved through the IIS Office of Disability Services (ODDS) in the Human Resources Building, Room 80. Phone: 217-206-6666. Class behavior & progress monitoring Students are expected to attend class, set high standards for their work, monitor their performance, request assistance as needed, respect classroom safety needs, and demonstrate professional behavior at all times. In order to be considerate to your classmates and to enhance the learning environment, the instructor requires all electronic devices (I. E. Laptops, cell/smart phones, pads… Be turned off during class. Let me know ahead of class if you are expecting an urgent call. You can leave the room to take the call. Class Preparation The appendix identifies the required preparation and deliverables for each class. Class Attendance & Participation Attendance and participation in class are crucial to meeting the course’s learning exam material. Attendance by itself does not establish participation but it will account for a large part of your grade in this area. Attendance will be taken (even on days when there are group meetings scheduled).

Each day missed will result in a 15% reduction in the maximum points for attendance and participation. Think of class as a business meeting. Be prompt (a couple of minutes early to relax) and prepared. Be professional. Participate. Stay objective, be evidence based (fact- focused). Be a good listener. Build on your classmates’ comments/ideas. Think about what you want to say and try to make your points relevant, succinct, and impacting. Disagreement and conflict can be healthy and rewarding when parties act with consideration and respect for other opinions.

Do not make discussions personal or take them personally. Wishbones, backbones & funny-bones help! Quizzes It is important you stay up to date with your coursework in order to engage more effectively in class and be better prepared for exams. There will be ten on-line quizzes. There are no ‘make-up’ quizzes or exercises. Tests The tests will cover the concepts and readings in the course using a variety of testing methods (Multiple choice, short-answer & essay). Test 1 will cover material relating to strategic analysis. The Final Exam will be comprehensive.

Though a study guide will be provided prior to tests, the questions on the concepts will be based on class activity and assigned reading. An ability to discuss and apply the strategic management concepts covered is expected as well as evidence of your meeting the learning objectives. Expect a few multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions. To excel you will need to need to attend classes, complete the signed readings and cases, and integrate the material. Qualitative and quantitative analysis skills will be tested. Tests must be taken on the assigned test date unless PRIOR permission is granted by the instructor.

Restated, I must explicitly respond and agree PRIOR to the test. I realize last minute serious emergencies may happen. However, I reserve the right to refuse to allow a make-up exam even under ’emergency circumstances’. Individual Case: Apple Inc. Analysis – Case 2: Apple Inc. Keeping the “l” in Innovation All submissions must be no more than 10 pages long plus appendices, written in Times New Roman Font 12 (for readability purposes), double-spaced, with 1. 0 inch pages and must be properly labeled and formatted. Use PAP formatting for references.

A cover page will be required (for grade confidentiality purposes). Once submitted, work cannot be revised. Parts I to Ill of the assignment count as 70% of your mark Parts IV counts as 30% of your mark, may be cross-graded (I. E. 2+ professors), and will form the basis of the written communication and business problem analysis portions of your Assurance of Learning assessment. The individual case study is due no later than the start of class in hardcopy format. If it is late, it will only be accepted by e-mail for late grading. It must be formatted to print correctly.

Individual case studies turned in late will be graded as follows: 0-24 hrs late (up to 1 day): 70% of the mark it would have received if it had been turned in on time 24-48 hrs late (1-2 days): 60% of the mark it would have received if it had been turned in on time. 48-72 hrs late (2-3 days): 50% of the mark it would have received if it had been turned in on time. More than 72 hours late – It will not be accepted and receive a O. Part l: Based on the Case study written in the TEXTBOOK and your research: Length: pages IQ . What factors in the general environment and the industry environment are affecting Apple’s strategy selection?

SQ. What tangible, intangible, and organizational capabilities does Apple possess? Which of these may be providing Apple Inc. : (a) a competitive advantage? (b) a sustainable competitive advantage? SQ. What core competencies does Apple Inc. Possess? SQ. Which business level strategy(IIS) does Apple Inc. Pursue? SQ: What is Apple Inc. ‘s overall corporate level strategy? SQ: How does Apple’s retail strategy support its overall approach to competitive strategy? Part II: QUANTITATIVE: (use databases (e. G. Emergent Online)) Length: 2 pages and all figures and charts in Appendices SQ: DOD search for Apple Inc. S current financial performance. Plot percent change in stock price for the last two years compared to computing competitors Google, HP and Microsoft. Report the results. What do you see? Include your plot in an appendix. SQ: Calculate, interpret, and compare the following financial ratios for Apple Inc. , Microsoft, and HP based on end of fiscal year 2012 data: Current Ratio, Total Debt Ratio, Inventory turnover, ROAR, ROE. Include your calculations in an appendix. SQ: Develop a common sized income statement and balance sheet for Apple Inc. For the last 3 years. Do you see any trends?