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To build a better opportunity and a much better and more high quality of faceless and amenities of the resort and to construct and create a much better organization and build up a more effective and sufficient service to customers. Name of Proponents and Address The proponents of the redevelopment plan of Elite Park Resort Hotel are 3rd year BSRAM (Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management) and BEST (Bachelor of Science in Tourism) students who are presently enrolled in ABE International

College of Business and Accountancy and to fulfill the subject Resort, Club and Operation. The following are the said student w/ their address: Pelicans, Anthony – V&G Tactical City Jordan, Dixie – Guiana, Eastern Samara Salvo, Jesus Mae – Boating, Elite evolve, Ruth Anne Mae – cabana, Tactical City Name of the Project: Redevelopment Plan of Elite Park Resort Hotel Site of the Project: The said project is located at Mainstay Boulevard, Tactical City at the regional capital of Eastern Visas. With a Top hill view overseeing San Junco Strait. Quality Profile/Description of the Project:

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Enhancing and reconstructing more facilities and amenities of Elite Park Resort Hotel with more excellent and comfortable rooms for customer to stay and enjoy and more recreational activities to be catered to clientele and to provide improved quality service to valued clientèles. Mission To satisfy clientele with excellent customer service and memorable Involvement when comes to adventure, relaxation and comfort. Hence, our mission Is to satisfy by giving them and sustaining there need and wants and give customers memorable experience by giving or having a unique recreational activity for the clientele.

Vision Elite Park Resort Hotel will know as one of a top notch resort in the region that provides unique and excellent customer services and quality structures of faceless and amenities that are highly appreciate by valued clientele. And Experience the comfort of Elite Park Resort Hotel” Company Philosophy The company believes that giving the customer a satisfaction will give the company more credit for future transactions with valued clients by providing good service through unique recreational activities, excellent facilities and new amenities.