Visionary leadership Essay

Trinity International University My success was evaluated in different ways it is when I meet the requirements of the project, as well as the sponsor from communicating with other team members. I understand that the organization is recognized not Just because of our Pastor, but because I am given the team members the opportunity to develop good relationships with each other. The first step in carrying out assessment is to gather information about what was needed and I consulted with my Sponsor whose expertise was integral to the project.

We discussed the technology; tools and other resources that will be need to carry out the task required. It was also with seeking the opinions of each team member to discuss exactly what their need will be. Then I have to identify what the problem was which that I saw that there was a great need for the church to have a Nursery. In order to be transparent I needed to be able to track and monitor ongoing formative assessment, that showed the work toward the standard, this is when I gave feedback to each of the team members, which kept each member, held accountable for their part of the project.

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I also used social criteria which involved critical thinking, problems solving, leadership, teamwork, were Just a few of the social criteria that was used in the project, which was very good. It is important that the Church Nursery work in unity with the congregation as well as the pastor. In order t accomplish this, the Pastor must be updated regularly. This is the Project Manager’s responsibility. The Sponsor doesn’t to hear from each coordinator separately. The pastor can be updated in the following ways. Meeting with the pastor on a regular bases.

It is important as any other ministry or program in the Church. I should not feel that I am wasting his time by asking for a meeting to keep him updated on the project. Pastor J. Taylor was is the sponsor for the project evaluated my success by making sure that I have all the necessary documents, licenses, and permits in a timely fashion, as well as making sure that the project is up and running on time without any delays, staying within the allotted budget without going over or under. So fat I a on target with the 1st phase of the project, all the important paperwork is in place.

Now times for Phase 2, Even though, the project is not completed the projected target ate is August 2014. The project time frame has not been met; because the project isn’t completed we are Just in the second phase of the project, which consists of organizing the space in which the Nursery will be located. As far as the budget is concerned, we are still within the projected budget, which is around $25,000, which includes permits, licenses, liability insurance, materials, books, volunteers, and labor and the child’s operating expense.

The most difficult or frustrating was trying to obtain the proper permits, licenses, and liabilities. Trying to contact someone from the city regarding the permit, When e first contacted the Alderman office in that particular ward, we were told that we needed fill out and submit the paper work, once the forms were picked up and completed and returned, we were told that there would be a 6 month waiting period.

At this time, we are all freaking out, because we are trying to get this project up and running in a timely fashion. So I next question was what are we going to do now, When I spoke to the Sponsor regarding this matter he in turn spoke to the Pastor. So the pastor spoke to the Alderman and was informed told that information was not true. It took at least two week to get the permit from the City. It was easier obtaining the necessary documents from the State than was the City.

The most surprising thing that happened was when one of our members husband had passed away and one of the members, Just step right in and helped in everyday that was possible, the couple didn’t have any children, so the member stepped right in helping make the all funeral arrangement. She even took the initiative to move in with the member, and stayed with her until she was comfortable knowing that the member was able to take care of herself. Aging sure that she had everything that she needed, and making sure that on Sundays she comes to church, this was surprising to each and everyone on the team.

I am feeling very excited, enthused, and glad to see such a great vision come be made into reality, Just knowing that this Nursery will serve a great purpose not only for the church congregation, but the community as well, I do believe that it has been a long time coming, I am really anticipated the end results. My current feelings compared to how I feel at the beginning of the project, is that I so excited, because when I first went to the Pastor to repose this project, I had no idea that he would be in agreement or even consider this especially coming from me.

I am feeling something very special with the project, because after all this is a project that is very dear to me, even though, my children nor my grandchildren will benefit from it, but the people in the church and community will. So I am I really don’t know how I am feeling currently, all I know is that I can’t wait for the end results. I learned that leadership is an action and not a position. You want to give service and not because you want everyone to know that you have a position. You give Irvine, because you want to influence and inspire people.

Being a leader is not an easy Job. You have to dedicate yourself and show your willingness in serving people. In a world of leadership, there are two kinds of people; leaders and followers. Followers are the people that never take a leadership role in any activity, while leaders are the ones that user their leadership skills to make a difference. Leadership is not something you can learn from a book, but you have to gain this skill through experiences such as holding an office, organizing an event, speaking in front of people or participating in a leadership program.

In becoming a leader, I learned my role. I am not only a leader, but I am a role model, good communicator, and a servant leader. I am a leader; people will take the lead from me. One-way of giving people a clear leader is to be a role model. A leader, who is a role mode, sets the tone for the whole organization. A leader who wants to a role model must possess leadership values such as sets and follow standards, behaves professionally, listens to and uses the contribution of others, and lastly, treats others with dignity and respect.

My Journey would not to focus on my position, but on how I would portray he character of being a leader. I have to make something new that could change their view about the meaning of leadership, for that I must possess leadership values for people to follow. For me to be followed and be a great leader today and in the future I have to start with myself. Train myself if I want to enter the word of leadership for good leaders are made and not born.

Model the Way Some of the shared values that were important to me in guiding me through this project was dependability, communication, friendship, teamwork, trust, starting with dependability, it is important because we all are depending on each other to omelet the task at hand, then communication was important because we needed to be able to have that open communication, so that we could be able to talk with each other, so that if a problem arises we would be able to talk about it and solve it, without communication it impossible to solve any problems.

While working on this project took our friendship to another level, we learned more about each other, which grew us closer together. So we were able to become a team and work on getting this project off and running. That is when trust can in to play, we learned how to trust each other. I believe that it was easy to forge consensus on values, because most of use shared the same core values, most people most of the time hold the same rules and values and following them willingly, without any close supervision or enforcement being needed.

This was easy because we all shared the values. The values that were the most important respect, patience, strength, starting respect we model respect when someone else had the floor, we let that person continue to talk without interrupting them, we gave that person our undivided attention. Ms. Henderson model patience, and strength when she helped out the ember when her husband died, we as a teams I do believe that we learned a lot from this member she modeled patience and strength.

What I learned about Model the Way that I can apply to my next project is that I must first find out what the values are, then I must clearly express then to everyone one the team, the I must believe in the values that are expressed; which are not mine, but what the organization stands for. INSPIRE A SHARE VISION The higher purpose that that this project served is Children are a blessing from the Lord. With these blessing also come responsibilities. As stewards of God’s children, arenas are responsible for helping children grow physically, intellectually emotionally and spiritually. Churches have a responsibility toward children too.

We want to provide an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age- appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. We minister to the spiritual needs of our children through a Church Nursery. The need for the Nursery is evidence in that many people would benefit from it. Church Nursery also helps church growth by making it easier for new people to attend services. Parents will be able to listen to sermon with distractions. They will be confident that their children are loved, and that they enjoy spending time at church with their new friends.

In this way, the Church Nursery helps evangelize parents. Christians need other Christians to help them grown. Reality has not set in as of yet, due to the fact that the project isn’t complete. I am envisioning that it will be a great success, knowing that I have done a great thing for the church as well as the community. The metaphor that I would use to describe this project now is Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 What I learned about Inspire a Shared Vision is that before you can inspire others, leaders, need to have a clear, purposeful vision.

We often consider our goals and think about our dreams, but we don’t spend time really thinking about what they look and feel like. In order, to bring clarity to one’s vision, it’s not only important to consider the end result but also what it’s going to take to get there. Before anything one must often visualize what that projects going to look like from beginning to end, focusing on how to get the victory, imaging all possibilities of what it’s going to take in order to reach the goals. The thing that I would do differently is making sure that I have shared my vision with all my team members.

Leaders enlist others in their dreams and foster minds to understand the potential of what organizations can become. We ask you to breath life into your goals, dreams and aspirations Share your dreams with other hopes for tomorrow and dream about what life can become. Inspiring a shared vision is all about imaging exciting and ennobling possibilities as well as enlisting others in a common vision by appealing to share aspirations. Upon leaving you have a deeper and clearer vision of you’re of future. Challenge the process I have learned that Thinking outside of the box is about unlocking creativity, and that it generates more possibilities.

I learned that being creative you spend more time thinking about how to take the business forward. In other words, I need to be willing to take chances. Also when thinking outside the box you will initially know worry that you don’t know how to do something, don’t have the resources, the time, etc to name just a few. The successful leader know that whenever problem or challenges they face there is a solution to it and it is Just a matter of finding it. Find the solution is like to require you to step outside of your comfort zone. For example, some might worry about how they will be perceived if they ask for help.

Leaders see this as part of their development. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, try looking at it from different perspectives. Learn at Lot Every time you take action you get a result, it might not be the result you were expecting but you will definitely get a result. If it is a successful result you keep looking for ways of applying to other situations. If you are unsuccessful or get a different result than you expected, you learn a lot. Take that learning and use it to help you be a better leader. Focus on the result as a leader you are Judged on the results that you get.

While there will be other variables that will contribute to your overall performance assessment, bottom line it is results that matter. When you are thinking outside the box, the focus will always be on achieving results and find ways of delivering results, more efficiently, more effectively and more economically than you currently do. Inspire others if you are a leader who thinks outside the box and encourages other to do the same, you will inspire and dative others. Your team will start to focus on delivering results, become comfortable in taking chances, making mistakes and learning from them.

They will be more creative and willing to step out of their comfort zone because they know they can rely on you as the leader to support you. We think outside the box in order to gains solutions to problems. To promote learning from failure and mistakes we remember this failures and mistakes and learn from them on the next project, we will know what to and not to do the next time we are working on a project. By breaking down the project into small its, helps us get the most of the project, this way everyone is working on this different doing a little bit at a times, instead o everyone working on the same Job.

What I learned about Challenge the Process is to look for different ways to handle the project, like when we were looking for doors to for the Nursery we looked at many different size shapes and colors, we Just didn’t go with one design, prices, looking for ways to be innovative but at the same time staying within our budget. Enabling Others to Act Most importantly, the level of trust subordinates had in their leaders determined the mount of leader influence subordinates accepted. We are all human, and we need to treat people respectfully, I listen to what my team members have to say so that I know what is going on in their heads and hearts.

Only then can I work with them to improve. In order to enable others to act, it is important to understand what it takes to get there. By analyzing other’s actions and engaging in collaborative activities, leaders can strengthen networks and further encourage action. We are all motivated by different things, something nonetheless. Seeing what motivates others can also give s insight to the leadership potential of our peers. ON the next project I will make certain that I know what motivates each and every one on my team members Encouraging the Heart The form of recognition that had the most positive influence was what Ms.

Henderson done to help Sis Wilson in the passing of her husband, she showed so much love for Sis, Wilson that it was recognized by the sponsor who in turn had her recognized in the Sunday bulletin for being such an outstanding person. After finding out they wonderful things that Sis. Henderson had done for Sis. Wilson it had a great effect on the rest of the team. Even, though she was recognized in the bulletin at church, she will also be recognized at the celebration. Tying it all Together One of the leadership actions that I took was the first concept that is important to successful communication is active listening.

Active means being fully engaged in paying attention to my teams members. Hearing what the other person is saying is not enough, but Just hearing a person does not guarantee that the person’ message is being interpreted as they intend it. The keyword is active; the listener has to have an active role in the conversation. This means that the listens must receive and understand the message in order for the communication to be effective. Giving feedback is also essential. The second action was feedback had a great impact because it was done on a regular basis and it demonstrated that it is a powerful means of personal development.

If it is done properly, feedback need not be agonizing, demoralizing or daunting and the more practice you get the better you will become at it. The third actions were Embrace uncomfortable conversations, which is where communication working in teams means that all individuals within the team are working towards achieving the same goal. Resolving issues and questions that ay arise during team meetings is important to ensure the success of achieving the team goals. Everyone must be aware of the importance when defining within the team the goals that all team members are attempting to achieve.

Furthermore, along with communication the importance of listening skills play a significant role. Every individual is unique and has his or her own way of viewing the world. A common ground all individual possess is the ability to communicate. The need for communication may be witnessed in everyday situations, within relationships, organization, any setting where three or more individual in connect the way individual communicates can create different reactions and emotions among other individuals. So by use communicating every chance we got we began to grow stronger and work more effectively, and efficiently.

I believe that the most important one was communication without this we would not be able to get anything done. 1. In what ways do your faith currently find its voice in your visionary leadership? My faith currently finds its voice in my visionary leadership requires me to be humble, according to Acts 20:19 1 served the Lord with great humility: Humility proves to be one of the most elusive of all Christian’s characters. My vision requires passion much spiritual sight seems to be lost for lack of time in our busy lives.

Nowhere does scripture say if you have tie, then help with the vision. The question is not really one of time, but of priority. I always make time for that which grips me deeply. What my passion is, become my priority. What my priority is, I give my time to. 2. What three ways you could improve the extent to which you incorporate your faith into your leadership? How do you plan to grow in each area? Three ways I could improve the extent to which I incorporate my faith in leadership is First, perseverance his requires “staying power: the ability to keep on going in the face of roadblocks.

Vision doesn’t come easy, for it is rooted in that which is eternal, not temporary There is a false notion that when you discover a vision from God, thing will Just fall into place. Yet, Jesus implied that the gates of Hell would make valiant attempts at breaking down the kingdom of God (Matt 16:8). Visionary plans at times will be frustrated; discouragement knocks continually at the door. Many things will work against me and the vision God gives me. God has called us to be faithful; He is expansible for the results.

Secondly, Relevancy and Adaptability I have become all things to all me so that by all possible means I might save some (1 Cord 9:22) Some times vision is hindered by our “comfort zone. ” Vision can die for lack of innovation, when a person is unwilling to let go of preferences, We should be ready to use whatever means are most effective (assuming these means to not violate clear teaching of scripture). Some methods are time test and very effective, others are innovative and can be equally effective. We must be willing to adapt to the need of the moment.