Arm and finance Afghanistan Essay

When a country is going to declare AR, it must be sure it used all other resources to try and reason with the opposing country before a declaration Is made. Many companies also have the ability to profit from wars. Many people see the negative effects on war and oppose it; however, they fail to see what can ultimately happen if there also is no war. If no one stood in Doll Hitter’s way who knows who we would pledge allegiance too.

There are some actions you can let slide, but eventually people like Hitler get a little taste of power which can lead to devastating consequences. Another instance would be why we went to war after September 11 2001. Prior to that the United States was not involved with Afghanistan. The U. S. Even helped arm and finance Afghanistan during their conflict with the Soviet union to what Is now known as Operation Cyclone. Yet the U. S. Was bombed on the basement of the world Trade center In 1993, luckily many people were not killed that day.

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Then in October 2000 a US Ana ship (US COLE) was attacked by al Qaeda in a port in Yemen. These were anticipated attacks by a rogue group of people. Finally, on September 1 1, 2001 we were attacked once again this mime leaving a much more devastated outcome. Enough was enough and President Bush declared war on terrorism on 20 September 2001. We went on and fought for our freedom. Another major role that has a huge effect on a country would be to hurt them economically.

Something like an economic war where through sanctions and regulations you can hurt a country without losing a single American life. It can cost them billions of dollars, which can hurt companies, and the people of the country. With a hurtful economy the people of that country could pressure its NV government to give In. When a major war Is declared a majority of the resources are used for war purposes. For example, when we had WWW and WWW many companies began making products to help and support our soldiers.

During WI Ford and General Motors helped in building engines for aircrafts, they turned out tanks, armored cars, and Jeeps, Volkswagen halted production on the Beetle to assist making cars for German’s army. Mediumistic helped make the planes that bombed Pearl Harbor, and Toyota manufactured the trucks for the Imperial Japanese Army. 1 OFF at war in order to maximize their revenue. Some companies might not even be here if not for some sort of war revenue. People might think one of the unfortunate outcomes of warfare is the casualties of millions and millions of people.

Even though it is unfortunate that many people die, it is still an important factor because without the ability to fight back you could potentially have more deaths. The Civil War split our nation into two sides and we lost many people, over 618,000 Americans died. It is because of the Civil War that the North was victorious and thus were able to abolish slavery once and for all. One of he many benefits is that we are free to choose a religious group, believe in whatever we want, and simply the ability to speak our minds without fear or retaliation.

For instance, it is arguable that without the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki even more would die from the war the U. S. Had with Japan because without the bombings Japan wouldn’t have surrendered and the war would of continued unprecedented amount of time. It has been estimated that one million U. S. Casualties would have occurred if we invaded the main island of Japan. Although war is criticized most of the time, without fending for ourselves and peaking up nobody knows who we would be as a nation.

If we would pledge to Hitler, still be part of England, or even part of the Soviet Union. It is war that makes us independent from other nations preventing them from taking advantage of us or our allies. It is because we choose to go to war with England that we are now free from a form of Monarchy, have free speech, and live in this beautiful country that we made our own. Without war someone can Just go from country to country declaring it their territory and soon be able to control the world Just like Hitler intended to do.